Our Work

Who do we co-operate with?

From massive companies to business start-ups, our products and services have been effective in a broad range of markets – from retail and travel to professional services and entertainment, and from consumer goods to Government and Industrial companies.

Among our clients you can find:

What do we represent?

At this point you understand that our goal is to increase the value of your business, to see it expand online beyond your expectations. However, on the road to accomplishing this, our principles stand firm:

You do not see this frequently enough in the modern business world but excellent client services are fundamental to our culture. Our company is focused on relationships and this guarantees that working with Ruby Media is always a pleasant experience.

At Ruby Media, we do things in a bit different way. We consider ourselves an expansion of our clients’ marketing teams and truly appreciate personal relationships.

We trust in measurable outcome, care about the details and learning by doing. We prioritise empathy over enterprise – and people over practice.

We are really concerned with our environment and make a contribution to community initiatives on a regular basis.