Top 3 SaaS Software Marketplaces

lgSaaS software marketplaces are the go-to sites for B2B software buyers. These review platforms help buyers to cut down on product research time and spot the best options in just a few clicks. As a vendor, you don’t want to miss this train-load of highly qualified prospects looking for products—YOUR product.

Is your software listed on the top SaaS software marketplaces? Make sure you’re not missing out on these big benefits being listed there can offer you:

1. Capture buyers at the early stage of the purchase journey. Today’s buyers are more proactively searching for solutions over the internet. That means they’ve probably shortlisted their options by the time your rep calls them. In fact, an IDC study reports that 65% of B2B buyers would call a rep only after making a purchase decision. Moreover, during the early stage of product research, these buyers are searching for generic keywords and not your product keywords to compare their choices. Guess where they’re likely to land? SaaS software marketplaces make it easy for buyers to see all the products at once. If your product isn’t listed, you’re losing a lot of buyers early in the game.

2. Free exposure to both mass and niche market. Most SaaS software marketplaces offer free directory where the product’s and vendor’s name and basic specs are listed. Your software gets free mileage when buyers skim through the category where you’re listed. Likewise, since review sites cater to the wider SaaS market, your software is exposed to buyers of other product categories. To stand out from a sea of SaaS products, you can pay for the marketing services offered by these sites.

3. Get organic search traffic. Google algorithm tends to favor community-driven sites like SaaS software marketplaces in search queries. The logic is simple: these sites are useful to software buyers. If your product site cannot get a page one search ranking off generic searches, you can piggyback on the review site’s search results. For example, try googling “best CRM software” and you get more SaaS software marketplaces than product sites.

4. Gain more user trust. A BrightLocal survey shows that 88% of consumers trust online reviews with the same weight as personal recommendations. Because user ratings in SaaS software marketplaces are community-driven, these sites are largely perceived as more objective than vendor sites. You can also engage customers in SaaS software marketplaces in a more meaningful way. For instance, if someone criticizes your product for the wrong reason you can quickly make an explanation; conversely, if someone praises the product you can amplify the message.

These are but a few major reasons why vendors should list their product in SaaS software marketplaces, especially in these three high-traffic platforms. Let’s review each of these top B2B review platforms and see what they can offer the vendor.



FinancesOnline is one of the fastest-growing and most popular SaaS software marketplaces, covering thousands of product reviews across a wide range of B2B software categories. It uses a proprietary algorithm called SmartScore System to help buyers sort the products’ best functionalities, pros and cons, and other critical SaaS features including integration, support, and customization.

FinancesOnline is a very good platform to create brand awareness for your product and complement your content marketing efforts, but its main strength is lead generation. Their lead generation platform allows clients to enjoy at least a 10% conversion rate for lesser known brands and more than 20% for popular software. These rates are significantly higher than the industry average of 7% conversion rate so if you decide to use their services you can get a huge advantage over your competitors. If you want to add your product to their listing or start a lead generation campaign for it you can easily request a review of your product here.

Here are the main lead-generation services being offered by the site:

Lead generation tools – product buttons directly link to your landing page and direct potential clients right to your doorstep. Having these buttons is one of the best conversion tools since you’re capturing customers right at the moment when they’re thinking of a purchase or a free trial of your product so the change they will convert into actual clients is very high.

Quality reviews – you can draw more attention to your software’s strengths, unique features, and practical uses through an in-depth review by the site’s B2B software editorial team. The quality review can help customers understand the finer points of your software and how it can benefit them. Where your sales pitches hard sell customers, the FinancesOnline quality review educates them.

Sample review of Wrike on FinancesOnline

Sample review of Wrike on FinancesOnline

Special awards – your software can merit awards based on its strengths and value propositions. FinancesOnline has a range of special SaaS awards that help you distinguish your software from the competition. The awards are not vanity trophies, but they signal to customers your software’s specific positive traits. For example, the Customer’s Choice Award highlights that your product achieves excellent customer review ratings, while the Supreme Software Award of the Year means that, as a vendor, you have an extensive knowledge of the industry and its needs. These awards can further boost your conversion rate as people will often compare products and choose one that that looks more trustworthy (that is, one that won more awards).

Sample awards your product can win on FinancesOnline

Sample awards your product can win on FinancesOnline

Verified Quality Seal – this is a unique trust mark that guarantees your product has been quality checked and evaluated by credible third-party experts. The seal also assures customers that your company has been found to be legitimate and offering highly reliable support. Displaying the Verified Quality Seal on your product’s section on the B2B review site or on your own website can lead to as much as 14% improvement in product sales.



GetApp is also one of the leading SaaS software marketplaces today offering companies of various sizes a wide array of mostly SaaS business apps. For vendors, GetApp is a good channel to gain visibility and target small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large enterprises. It hosts a range of B2B software categories from accounting to workforce management and everything in between.

Just like FinancesOnline, GetApp offers a basic and free listing. But to draw more conversion, you can pay for lead generation services. The site prefers to offer a customized package for vendors, so you need to submit a quote request. Aside from the free plan, GetApp offers highly scalable lead generation plans to match your advertising budget, from under $1,000 to more than $10,000.

The SaaS software marketplace has three general lead channels. The AppFinder turns up your product when a customer searches for its name or category. Meanwhile, the GetApp peer-generated product reviews and comments can put your product on the spot (hopefully its positive side). On the other hand, the GetApp “list of best business applications” is perhaps one of the industry’s sought-after listicles, which is widely picked up by business media. You can request for a review and hope your product qualifies for one of these regularly churned out traffic-generator lists.

3. G2


G2 Crowd is another top SaaS software marketplace, which claims to have over 80,000 user reviews read by about 600,000 B2B buyers every month. As with FinancesOnline and GetApp, it serves as a one-stop shop where business software buyers can evaluate at once almost all the products available in the market. The proprietary GridSM aggregates insights from “expert peers, everyday users, and collated data” to give your product a score.

For its sheer size covering nearly twenty major business software categories, the SaaS marketplace is a good lead generation stream. Developers of various apps from digital advertising and professional services to e-commerce and analytics can tap G2 Crowd to gain a foothold at the early stages of the vendor selection process. The site is a wellspring of community users of loyal customers, future customers, or even customers of your competitors.

When you get listed in G2 Crowd your software details are fed into the G2 Crowd Grid search algorithm and comparison tools. The system helps buyers find and evaluate your product; in fact, while the terms are not specified, the site says that your chances of getting into the purchase conversation are increased even if buyers are researching your competitors.

Similarly, the G2 Crowd Knowledgeable User Network aggregates your customers’ feedback and experience, which prospects can tap to guide their buying decision. Through detailed, user-generated balanced reviews, this feature can highlight your strengths versus the competition, giving you a critical advantage when customers are comparing products. However, G2 Crowd advises that it will not remove reviews just because they are negative; rather, the site recommends that vendors address the valid issues posted by customers to gain user trust.

G2 Crowd can also help you create a single resource that collates positive insights from your customers, information that prospects will find useful when assessing your software. Instead of being limited to a handful of repetitive customer testimonials that you’ve hand picked from your database, G2 Crowd quickly gives you dozens or hundreds of customer testimonials.

G2 Crowd has no paid placement or advertising plan for vendors. Likewise, it doesn’t allow vendor-generated reviews or request for positive reviews.


Clearly, there are differences and similarities among the top SaaS software marketplaces. As a vendor it is tempting to cherry pick just one of these platforms and allocate the rest of your budget to other lead streams. However, a better strategy is to have a presence on all three top sites. Think about it–by having a strong listing in all top SaaS software marketplaces that dominate the B2B software landscape, you’re actually piggybacking on that dominance. Now that’s a huge slice of the pie.

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