Infographics – A Powerful Tool To Promote Your Business & Brand

The term infographic is receiving all sorts of online hype lately, but the fact is these colorful images are not simply yet another fashionable trend, they have become popular because they actually work. Imagine you finally get a solution that is not only a valuable source of information for your users, but also a powerful marketing tool for promoting your business and brands.

What are Infographics

At its core an infographic is a combination of text, compelling graphical design and data, which makes it perfect to present information about your business. In the online world it’s a potent marketing strategy that generates great results. An effective infographic should not only present useful and interesting information, but also be designed in an imaginative and attractive way. Creative design also increases the infographic’s potential to go viral, which means your brand will go viral too. What’s more, it is also an excellent medium to present sets of complex or huge amounts of data in a user-friendly and easy to understand way.

Each infographic combines text, images and design with a purpose of telling a story. Obviously, this story can be about your whole business, but it can also be about a specific product you sell or a service you provide. With enough effort spent on design, infographics will become content that users will happily share with each other. Both text and images are effective ways to distribute your marketing message among potential customers, but combining them can create an extremely powerful visual campaign that will leave your competitors far behind.

Why Infographics Work Great In Marketing

You may have already seen a lot of infographics online, but the real question is: in what way can an infographic promote your business? Here are the key features of infographics that make them such valuable marketing tools:

They Are Easy To Share

The majority of people are predominantly visual, which means they process visual information way faster and with less effort when compared with text-based information. As a result, infographics give you a better chance to be shared among Facebook or Pinterest users, because they are simply more attractive to users. Usually, people just quickly scan what they read online and only pay more attention to things that specifically attract them.

They Can Go Viral

How many times have a plain text information went viral? Yeah, it doesn’t happen very often, does it? Infographics, however, have a huge potential of going viral, mostly because they are something new, fun and easy to share with your friends on a blog, Twitter or Facebook.

They Build Trust In Your Expertise

It’s common knowledge that if you want to build trust among your customers one of the best ways to do this is to convince them that you are an expert in your field. Because there is always solid research involved in creating an infographic and the results of that research are presented in the infographic itself, it will almost automatically build that “these guys know what they’re doing” feel among your potential clients.

They Make People Aware Of Your Brand

With one simple step, which is including your company brand and logo in the infographic, you unlock huge potential for expanding consumer awareness of your brand, products and services. Improved awareness will certainly contribute to getting your customers choose you over other similar companies or products

Creating A Successful Infographics Campaign

It takes some more effort than simply design a good infographic to enjoy the true potential of this marketing tool. There are some more factors that you should consider:

Don’t create just one infographic, create a series

It is generally a good idea to plan for a series of infographics instead of just one, because even if one of them flops your chances for success are still high. Of course, it’s not only the odds that matter, but also your audience. When you design an infographic with the intention of attracting new audience, the progress will be slower. Remember, that multiple infographics do not need to be related, it’s enough to simply plan on more than one.

Reach Out To Social Influencers

When your infographic is published, the next step is to get in touch with your network of social influences. If you don’t already have one, make sure you build it before you publish your infographic. Potent social influencers are usually bloggers and active Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest users. Our company pays a lot of attention to such relationships and maintains them all year round so make sure to take advantage of that.

Keep your infographic constantly alive.

Infographics that stand the test of time are the ones that are not based on dated material. Make sure you use information that is not seasonal and will be relevant for at least a year, or possibly a few years from now. Moreover, it is essential to keep the infographic alive by adding new links to it in blog posts, tweeting about it from time to time, or even incorporating it as a part of some new outreach campaign.

The Popularity Of Infographics Is Constantly Growing

Working with infographics as a marketing tool is still a new trend. The majority of people who chose to apply this solution did so six months, maybe a year ago and they were all astonished by its huge marketing power. The application of infographics has increased by as much as 800% in the last two years and continues to grow steadily today.

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