Explanimations – A Visual Story That Effectively Promotes Your Business

Today most people don’t accept information presented in a purely textual format. In our company we believe that video explanimations are a powerful means that grants you the medium to present information efficiently. As we combine motion graphics, voice acting and sound we give you a tool that allows you to communicate huge amounts of information to your clients and make an astounding impression on them, thus increasing your chances of converting them into buyers. Explanimations enable your target customers to almost instantly realize what you offer and how your products or services can benefit them.

In an explanimation a combination of text, image and humor make up an effective and powerful way to spread your company’s core message. In the modern age of digital information this is an asset that should not be underestimated.

Why explain things at all?

Every kind of content you put online serves some purpose, be it to inform, to entertain or to try and get a specific reaction from a user, for example, purchasing your product. In almost each of these situations some degree of explanation is needed, after all, people will not buy things they don’t understand. If you provide clear explanation to your potential customers, you show your expertise and establish a relationship and trust with your audience.

What’s wrong with just using text and images?

Various studies revealed that most users do not read textual information carefully from beginning to end, but instead they tend to jump over and skip large parts of text that seem most obvious to them. They simply scan through your text, they don’t really read them. This happens very often when a more visually compelling version of the same information is available somewhere else.

Images, on the other hand, work much better, it does not matter if you use illustrations or photographs. They are capable of presenting a lot of facts in a relatively short time span. Using images, you can quickly present such aspects as scale, shape, color, spatial relationships, and easily include other metaphors, such as graphs and flowcharts. The problem with images, however, is that they make it difficult to represent transitions and changes in time, things like movement, speed and frequency. Sure, it is possible to use various graphical tricks and clues, like making something blurred to imply movement, but at its base it’s still a single, static image.

Video, whether you present it as an animation or a live-action footage allows you to smoothly present huge amounts of text and images in a highly effective and comprehensible way. A well prepared video will engage your audience calling for no effort on their part other than sitting still for a minute or two.

Why Are Explanimation Such A Great Idea?

Explanimations are a fantastic marketing solution because they can take a potentially complex subject, deconstruct it into essential parts and present them by means of different compositions of images, text, sound, stories, movement, color, characters, narration and humor. Furthermore, an explanimation is more flexible and focused than any live footage, and it’s more affordable, more concise and efficient than sophisticated CGI.

Principles Of An Effective Explanimation

In our company, we follow these basic principles for the preparation of a highly effective and attractive explanimation:

Transparency and Objectivity

Our explanimations are objective in explaining how a product or service works. We realize that it is a tool designed to boost sales, but nonetheless it should be separate from a sales pitch and designed as a self-contained project. As a result, your content will be more useful to your users and consequently more likely to go viral.

Focus on Information

The primary purpose of explanimations is presenting information, not entertainment. It is not designed with intention of making it compete with various entertainment formats, but with attention given to delivering your business message clearly, quickly and in a way that makes your customers remember it.

Keeping It Short

One of the key ideas behind explanimations is to present the core idea of your business without wasting your audience’s time, because it is very easy to lose their attention by throwing all kinds of unnecessary details at them.

How Explanimations Will Help Your Business?

  • Your conversion rates will increase: We all know that online users have short attention span. You need to attract them to your site before they get bored and move on to the next one. An efficient explanimation not only get their attention from the start, but also increases the chance they will purchase your product or subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Your target customers stay focused: Explanimations ensure that you keep your customers focused as you try to present your business message to them, thus making it more likely they will get the information you want.
  • Your brand gets promoted: You can easily present the crucial facts to your prospects. Let them know what your unique selling point is, what you offer and how they can benefit from it.
  • You attract sponsors and investors: Investors receive dozens of applications on a regular basis, do you think they read all of them? With a well designed explanimation you are able to quickly get their attention, get your point across and convince them with your ideas.
  • You can go viral with your content: Explanimations create a great opportunity to get your content shared on various social media platforms. People love to share videos, especially if they are telling a story in an interesting and appealing manner.

Our company isn’t interested in creating just an esthetically attractive and fun video. We focus on what your company wants to achieve through this video. As a result, we exert a lot of effort doing research, studying your market and information, analyzing your target audience and developing a video that will make an impact you desire. The end result is a comprehensible story presented in a visually attractive style designed specifically to match your business message and the unique character of your company.

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