Top 3 SaaS Software Marketplaces

SaaS software marketplaces are the go-to sites for B2B software buyers. These review platforms help buyers to cut down on product research time and spot the best options in just a few clicks. As a vendor, you don’t want to miss this train-load of highly qualified prospects looking for products—YOUR product. Is your software listed on the top SaaS software marketplaces? Make sure you’re not missing out on these big benefits being listed there can offer you:

SaaS Lead Generation Techniques: Effective Ways To Optimize Your Marketing

SaaS vendors are poised for happy days ahead with the cloud market stabilizing this year. Forrester reported the cloud landscape will have a 22% annual growth through 2020. Moreover, 80 percent of companies reported to be drawing revenues from cloud, with 42% saying cloud is their major income stream (according to North Bridge 2016 Survey). With more companies relying on cloud for revenues that could only mean one thing: more business for cloud vendors. Unfortunately, the market is also getting crowded. Vendors that can address customer pain points and interest will win the game. These vendors will have a steady stream of quality leads, where the rest struggle for traffic. In this […]

Infographics – A Powerful Tool To Promote Your Business & Brand

The term infographic is receiving all sorts of online hype lately, but the fact is these colorful images are not simply yet another fashionable trend, they have become popular because they actually work. Imagine you finally get a solution that is not only a valuable source of information for your users, but also a powerful marketing tool for promoting your business and brands. What are Infographics At its core an infographic is a combination of text, compelling graphical design and data, which makes it perfect to present information about your business. In the online world it’s a potent marketing strategy that generates great results. An effective infographic should not only […]

Explanimations – A Visual Story That Effectively Promotes Your Business

Today most people don’t accept information presented in a purely textual format. In our company we believe that video explanimations are a powerful means that grants you the medium to present information efficiently. As we combine motion graphics, voice acting and sound we give you a tool that allows you to communicate huge amounts of information to your clients and make an astounding impression on them, thus increasing your chances of converting them into buyers. Explanimations enable your target customers to almost instantly realize what you offer and how your products or services can benefit them. In an explanimation a combination of text, image and humor make up an effective […]

Why Content Curation Should Be A Vital Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Today’s chaotic web is not an easy place for people to navigate. That is why more and more users are using content curation – the process of finding, organizing and then sharing various types of content. It is now a truly mainstream practice that provides many benefits not only to consumers but also online marketers. The best place to see content curation at work is Pinterest. This publishing platform is merely 2 years old and it already features more than 10 million users, which according to Comscore is the fastest developing online service in history. It’s a solid proof that content curation is not only a popular trend but also […]